Waterproofing and Restoration Services 


Complimentary home inspections. 

  • A thorough inspection of the interior and exterior walls of your home. 
  • Identify signs of water damage and locate the source.
  • Provide waterproofing solutions and estimates.   
Foundation Crack Repair
Foundation Crack Repair


Our steps to foundation repair have been proven to work time after time. 

  • We use top of the line epoxy and urethane products to seal foundation cracks. 
  • For larger cracks, we dig to the footing and insert a membrane with a waterproof sealer.  
Mold Removal
Mold Removal


We use top of the line green sanitizers and biodegradable antimicrobial solutions.

  • Mold can cause unpleasant odors and release toxic airborne pollutants. 
  • We remove mold anywhere it may occur. Walls, Ceilings, Basements, Attics...providing air purification for allergy and odor control.
Flood & Water Restoration
Flood & Water Restoration


Your flooded basement resolved. 

  • A flooded basement is a stressful experience and needs to be addressed right away to prevent further damage.  
  • We extract water and use top of the line drying and dehumidifying equipment. 
  • We replace, install, and fix failed sump pumps.
  • Ask about our flood control system. 
Drain Tile Installation
Drain Tile Installation


Improve drainage around your home. 

  • Redirect water from your home with drain tiles. 
  • Exterior Installation includes, excavating down to the footing, drain tile installation, applying waterproofing sealer, installing membrane, and backfilling dirt. 
  • Interior Installation includes removing concrete, digging a trench, adding gravel, drain tiles installation and replacing the concrete. 

Crawl Space Encapsulation
Crawl Space Encapsulation


Prevent crawl space moisture. 

  • Ensure a dry crawl space and prevent moisture and unpleasant odors with vapor barrier protection.
  • Prevent mold growth with an antimicrobial solution.
  • Achieve a more energy efficiency home.

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